Autism Rates around the World


These days, autism is one of the most popular disorders all over the world. There are many autistic children who find quite hard to integrate into this society without actually being judged or bullied. However, the good news is that there are plenty of professional therapists and programs that can help your child beautifully develop his social skills and more. We will show you in this article the autism rates around the world so that you understand exactly how serious this disorder actually is.


According to the Center for Disease Control in the United States of America, 165 in 10,000 children have autism. It is, however, quite unclear whether or not these disorder rates have increase or detection has actually grown.

United Kingdom

According to the NHS, Great Britain reports around 1 case of autism per 100 children. Like many other states in the world, nearly five times as many males are being diagnosed with this medical condition compared to females. However, studies have shown that it is possible that this disorder is under-diagnosed in females. Not only plenty of autistic people live in the United Kingdom but lots of escorts as well. A large range of escort agencies is available across Great Britain, which is actually quite worrying from many points of view. Also PRague has more than 30 escort agencies where clients can find girls of all nationalities and ages : . However, it is an aspect that doesn’t add a plus to the image of this state.


The most recent research on autism involved a study with not more and not less than 330,000 school-aged children. The result was that the prevalence of autism was 9.2 per 10,000 children, with the disorder actually being detected alongside other medical conditions such as respiratory issues. An additional study showed a rate of 15.6 autistic kids per 10,000 children.


In this country, the Ministry of Health has published a guideline on the care of those who deal with this disorder following several studies that showed very high rates of autism among Brazilians. This medical condition was recognised by federal law as a disability and those who have it are entitled to social benefits. However, there has certainly been some disagreement over the relationship between citizenship, health, and rights in this country. Statistics show that in this state are about 1.5-million people with autism.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong has an autism rate of 49 for every 10,000. The government suggests that there are about 3,700 residents who deal with this disorder in their jurisdiction. The good news is that Hong Kong has plenty of organizations that help autistic children by providing the necessary therapy.


According to the New Scientist, this state has a rate of up to 150 autism cases per 10,000. Although here is the highest incidence of autism in the entire world, with 150 cases per 10,000 people, it is quite hard to pinpoint whether autism is more common in Japan or if it is just merely reported more often. However, the rates of this disorder in this country didn’t increase too much in the past few years.

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