Autism and Work in the Czech Republic


The Czech Republic is one of the countries with less autistic people. However, this country has many organizations dedicated to helping children who deal with this condition. Furthermore, even adults are highly supported to get a job and live an independent life. Here are more interesting things about autism and work in the Czech Republic.


Unfortunately, there are many countries these days where plenty of children have an autism disorder. The causes are unknown so far, but experts believe that there are actually more than just one. It appears to be a large number of factors such as biologic, environmental, and genetic as well. Genes also play a major role in the development of this disorder. Studies have shown that identical twins are more likely to be affected than twins who are not genetically identical. A family that has one autistic child, the chance of having another child with this disorder is about 5 % , or 1 in 20, which is definitely much higher than in the normal population. However, it is essential that parents take a very close look to their children’s behaviour around the age of 2 and 3 in order to see if there is anything different.


As mentioned earlier, the Czech Republic doesn’t have a too high number of autistic children, even though you will often see in most cities centres dedicated to this disorder, where children and adults as well receive all sort of therapies in order to perfectly develop the necessary skills for living a happy life. Czechs are very open-minded to children with special needs and they do everything they can in order to help them live a normal and fulfilling life, which is an advantage that other countries do not offer these days. With such an amazing mentality, an autistic child will certainly not be bullied at school and he will be able to socialize, make friends, learn, and also live an independent life. This is not what happens in other states where you will often see children with autism who are very shy, scared, unsocial, or even deal with severe depression. That’s why it is essential to be well-informed regarding how to actually help an autistic individual.


Furthermore, adults who have autism are encouraged to find a job or do something they truly like and are passionate about. Let’s not omit the fact that many of the autistic people are absolutely amazing in a certain field. They are geniuses and they excel in mathematics, IT, science, and so on. For example, Einstein was autistic and look at the great impact he had on the entire world. It is true that the autism spectrum is quite large, but those who are autistic are without a doubt very special from many points of view. This is exactly what Czechs try to do. They want to change the mentality so that society accepts every individual, even though he might be different. Finding a job here as an autistic person is not very difficult, and anyone who has this disorder can easily find therapists who are specialized in this field.

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